RStudio fails to save .rmd files

Hi. I am editing a number of Rmarkdown files. My environment is:

Rstudio Version 1.2.5042
Windows 10 Pro, Version 1930
File system backup to Dropbox

When I am editing any of several .rmd files I can save my work a few times, and then Save simply stops working. This behavior is consistent across any .rmd file I work on.

Sometimes I see a pop-up that says that 'The file cannot be saved as another application is accessing it'. But, in fact, no other application is accessing the file.

When the file cannot be saved, I must shut down Rstudio from the task manger; I cannot shutdown in the usual manner. On restart, whatever new work is lost.

I have searched for similar problems. I cannot find any behavior exactly like what I experience. Following a suggestion in one of the posts I checked my QT_PLUGIN_PATH and find it is blank as it should be: "".

Thinking there might be something about the file path, or something to do with Dropbox, I put some .rmd files in a new directory at the top level of Dropbox. But, the problem persists.

Update: I may have discovered the problem here. My console hangs asking me if I want to load miniconda. Regardless of how I answer, the console is firmly hung. I think this must be the same problem as this issue, 710:

Nice: an unknown problem reduced to a known one.

Wondering how you use Dropbox.
Especially: how do you transport the data to Dropbox: not by file copy in the Windows explorer, I assume ?
A reference for that would be nice.

Regards Han

I have Dropbox service running which automatically replicates a designated part of my file system. I have done this for a long time, and have no known problems with this.

It is fairly easy to get the service up and running. Create a Dropbox account, do the download for your OS, and carefully follow the install directions.

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