Rstudio fails to display

From yesterday my Rstudio seems to be not displaying anymore. The app will open, in the sense that I can see the icon in my taskbar and in task manager it shows that Rstudio is running just fine. But on my screen it will not show anything. It will keep displaying the previously opened app or the home screen if I opened it from there. Base R is still running perfectly though.

I have tried a number of different things, including uninstalling and reinstalling it again, but nothing has been working so far. Have the newest version of Rstudio (1.2.1335) installed. I am also running base R version 3.6.1

Below is my diagnostics report:

R session launched, attempting to connect on port 39236...
[13104:6712:0917/] WSALookupServiceBegin failed with: 8
Successfully initialized R session.

Connected to R session, attempting to initialize...

DirectWrite: CreateFontFaceFromHDC() failed (Indicates an error in an input file such as a font file.) for QFontDef(Family="Sasfont", pointsize=12, pixelsize=13, styleHint=5, weight=50, stretch=100, hintingPreference=0) LOGFONT("Sasfont", lfWidth=0, lfHeight=-13) dpi=144
Diagnostics report written to: C:/Users/Niel van Zyl/Documents/rstudio-diagnostics/diagnostics-report.txt

Any help will be appreciated!

One possibility is that the RStudio window exists, but is being displayed off-screen for some reason.

What happens if you follow these steps?

  1. Click the RStudio icon, so the "invisible" RStudio window has focus;
  2. Right-click the taskbar, and click the Cascade windows item.

Hopefully, that will bring an RStudio window into view -- does that happen in your case?

When I cascade it, the RStudio window displays a blank space. And then as soon as I click on it, it will do the same thing again by just showing me the home screen.

In the meantime I have downloaded an older version of Rstudio and that seems to be working for now.

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