RStudio extremely slow on Big Sur

I bought a Mac Air macOS Big Sur version 11.2.3
I was using windows before and my r code was running just fine, less than a minute.
The same code now takes 8 minutes to run. I tried on another air, MacOS Mojave 10.14.6, and on that laptop it also took less than a minute.
Do u have any idea why it takes forever on mine? I have RStudio 1.4.1106
Any help is so much appreciated!

Could be a few things or a combination

  1. Problem with RStudio configuration
  2. Problem with R version
  3. Problem with macOS configuration
  4. Problem with MacAir hardware

To check 1. run the same code in the R app from the Terminal app. This doesn't involve RStudio at all. If the code is also slow in the R app, it suggests that RStudio isn't the problem, and you should check the R version from the terminal R --version It should be version 4.0 or above. That also covers item no. 2.

If the R app session is not also slow, check the RStudio configuration from the menu `Tools | Global | Options | General Advanced against the image below

If necessary and you are able, write and compile a similar program in another language and see if it also runs too slowly. If that is the case, it could be either an OS problem or a hardware problem and seeking help in a macOS - specific forum might be necessary.

Thank you very much for the suggestions!

I have checked 1, and it has turned out that the code is also very slow on the R app. Apparently, it is not a matter of RStudio.

As suggested, I have checked the R version, and it is R 4.0.5.

What would be the next step that you could recommend?
Thank you very much again!

To narrow a bit, is your Air an M1?

Yes it is with M1 Chip.

Do you compile packages from source?

I install packages from CRAN repository.
The classical way, I guess, just install.packages("name").

R is probably running under the Rosetta2 translator layer to allow compatibility with the M1 processor in the new Mac. Going forward versions of R and RStudio that run directly are expected.

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Oh yes, from my research in forums and discussions, that is also my conclusion.
Glad that nothing is wrong with my laptop.
Thank you!

Apart from having the M1 processor. :grin:

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