RStudio.exe service don't close after exit the program

Hello everyone,

I'm using RStudio version 1.4.1106 and R version 4.0.5 that installed on terminal windows server 2016.

When I open RStudio program there is a running service called rtusdio.exe in the task manager and when I close the RStudio program the service still running on the task manager.

I don’t have a problem to open again the RStudio program, and another process don’t batter me to open new project from File-Open…, but when I try to open R file directly it's not open because the service is running in the task manager and I need to kill them manually from the task manager and after I do that I can open the R file.

I try to fixe this issue by remove and install the R and the RStudio and clean all the registry, and I try to install the last version of R 4.1.2 and RStudio 2021.09.1 Build 372 but the issue still exists.

Does anyone know about this issue?

Any suggestions?

I will appreciate your help,


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