RStudio error message when attempting to --view(random dataset)

Hey everyone, this is my first post and I am still learning RStudio:

I added a dataset in to my command (Picture 1+2) and did this correctly as well. I know I did it correctly because the data set loaded in (Picture 3).

Then though, when I want to view the detailed data, it fails and shows me an error message. (Picture 4) I have no idea why this is because the data set was loaded in correctly, but viewing the data is failing?

I hope that with my little knowledge on the topic, someone can be of help to me.

(I just learned I can only post one screenshot, shot I just did one of the whole page and hope you can see what I mean:

view is a function in the {tidyverse} package and it looks like you do not have it loaded.



If you have a new installation of R and RStudio you probably will need to install tidyverse first.


You need an upper case V:


Blast it, I never use the command and forgot to check.

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