RStudio doesn't open on Windows 8.1

My problem is that after installing R, I just can't open it.
I have isntalled R, Rtools and then RStudio. But when I click on this icon nothing happens. No error message appears, nothing.

I previously had an older version, it was working fine, and I uninstalled all its files to have this new version.
I have followed differents tutorials like this:

RStudio Version: 4.3.1
Windows: 8.1 - 64bits - i3 (1.90 GHz)

Thanks in advance!

The latest version of R requires that UCRT is installed in Windows. Windows 10 and above has this by default but 8.1 does not. Follow the link here to fix this.

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Thanks @DavoWW but when I installed it, it said that this UCRT was already installed.
Now I will try to install all R dependencies for RStudio again to check if I can open it.

Thank you very much for your help!

Hi @DavoWW !
Well I couldn't install RStudio again.
I tried with old versions of R and Rtools (4.0.0), I could open R. But with R Studio it was impossible to open in my computer.
Thanks four your help.

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