RStudio Doesn't Fully Load File Dialog Box

I use RStudio for data analysis, and need to be able to upload CSV files using the file dialog box. However, when I run a script which uses

read.csv(file.choose(),stringsAsFactors = FALSE)

the file dialog box appears, but does not fully load, i.e., it is not possible to see specific folders/files. No error messages appears, and it is possible to click on a file and load it – it’s just not possible to see which file you are clicking on! This problem persists in RStudio regardless of whether the “Use native file and message dialog boxes” option is checked. (This is found under Tools>General>Advanced>OS Integration in RStudio.) On rare occasions, the file dialog box loads completely, and it functions correctly, i.e., allows the user to choose a CSV file and moves to the next code block.

Here's a screenshot of the problem:

Any insights or suggestions would be welcome!

(Please be gentle, this is my first time using asking a question on a tech forum and I have no formal training in R.)


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