rstudio does not use linux file manager

The last two versions of rstudio dows not utilize the operating system (in my case debian sid) file manager (Thunar in my case). Instead it uses a not so helpful window. Please press HERE to see the linux version of file manager in rstudio.

Is a way to set Thunar as the default file manager?
Thank you


+1, this is a titanic downgrade.

I agree, and just to clarify, this is not just a matter of interface esthetics. The practical problems are:

  • It has become hard to navigate to files outside the home directory (~/), e.g. files on a mounted drive. The only way to do that is by knowing the exact path to a file and typing it in the "File name" field.
  • The interface does not allow for searching for a file inside a folder. When a folder holds many files the only way to find the file of interest is by scrolling up and down. When working on a large project this becomes very tedious.

I also lose access to my pinned folders in Nautilus and features such as starred folders, which are critical for navigating my projects.

I found a partial solution, as discussed here in rstudio github issue tracker go to RStudio toolbar: Tools -> Global Options -> General -> Advanced -> tick 'Use native file and message dialog boxes'.

The only disadvantage is that the search window is opened behind the RStudio interface.

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This is still a problem and really needs addressed. The file manager that comes up in Unix is clunky and has massive missing functionality.

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