RStudio does not see some directories on server cluster

Working in RStudio on a cluster, files and directories in my home directory (which is the working directory) are visible and accessible, but another directory (a project directory, larger storage, to which I do have read/write access) is not visible in the navigation pane, and cannot be set as a working directory.

I made a symbolic link to this directory in my home folder, but RStudio does not see this folder either.

Home directory space is limited, so I cannot simply bring my datafiles into it. Any suggestions?

Sorry for the late reply!

Can you share a bit more info. For instance, where the folder is? Is it mounted onto the system? Is it a subdirectory of the server's configured DataDir? It would also be helpful to have information about the server configuration (i.e. DataDir).

First of all, it is very important that the directory is available to all nodes in the cluster. I presume you are running RStudio Server Pro? If so, thanks for supporting and enabling all of our open source work! Remember, you always have access to our professional support team at for professional product issues like this one!