Rstudio does not found R, but R is install

Here is my PC configuration : Ubuntu 22.04.3

I am trying to install Rstudio on my computer (version rstudio-2023.09.1-494-amd64)
The install goes at the end but when i am trying to open Rstudio , there is a prompt with the messqge : R dos not appear to be installed.please install R before using Rstudio"

But for me, here is install because when I wrote which R : /usr/local/bin/R
I have created a symbolic link in /usr/bin , but this does not solve the problem.
i have try to remove both R and Rstudio to re install both ...
Does someone have an idea please ?

First, make sure that from a terminal /usr/local/bin/R does correctly start R. If that works, define the RSTUDIO_WHICH_R environment variable and launch RStudio from the same terminal.

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