RStudio does not fit to screen

When I open RStudio, the screen comprising the 4 window panes is larger than my laptop screen (13'' MacBook Pro), causing me to have to toggle left and right.

I believe this stems from playing with the zoom options under View and Zoom Console under View > Panes. I think the solution is to reset everything back to RStudio's default pane setting.

I also had an HDMI cable plugged into my laptop and removed it when R studio was still open. I believe this is the main culprit.

Is there a way to unzoom panes in RStudio so that everything fits to screen? I haven't found any help on the RStudio support pages, so I am asking here in hope that someone can assist.

I believe the issue has been fixed.

The solution was to simply shrink the RStudio window manually via mouse drag, then centre it to fit within my screen, then finally resize it to the size of my entire screen.

I then closed RStudio and reopened it to verify that everything was restored properly.


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