RStudio DLL Error

Hi All,

I just downloaded newest version of RStudio to upgrade (I have been using RStudio for last one year) and it is throwing up error about R.dll not found.

Version: RStudio-1.1.383
OS: Windows 7

Any suggestions?


What version of R are you trying to use, here? Is this an R installation provided by CRAN, or a different distribution?

Hi Kevin,

I am using R version 3.4.0 and TERR version 4.3. Currently, I moved to RStudio Version 1.0.44. I had to hack my way to the links in order to get the older executable, as RStudio website doesn't have direct link to archives.



Do the CRAN releases of R work? We don't currently support TERR, but I would suggest trying to update to TERR 4.4 if possible. The documentation at may be helpful.

Hi Kevin,

TERR works on RStudio.

I reinstalled by downloading new binary of RStudio Version 1.1.383, it works now. Not sure how.