RStudio displays wrong file timestamp


Yesterday I noticed a strange error in the RStudio file console. It displays the wrong time stamp in files. For example, I created a file on my project folder at 1:10 PM (13:10) but the RStudio console displays it as if it was created at 2:10 PM -- one hour forward. I checked the Sys.time() output in my R session and it displayed the correct time, so it is an issue of RStudio. Does somebody know how to correct this issue?

I'm using Windows 10 and my timezone is GMT-3, if it helps. Thank you!
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Anything interesting if you run



I run it and it returns:

[1] "America/Sao_Paulo"

My actual timezone is "America/Recife". This is interesting, because until 2019, America/Sao_Paulo timezone had daylight saving time between October and February. It is like RStudio is thinking that the daylight saving time configuration still exists...

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