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I hope you’re well

One of our users is interested in getting the freeware version or Rstudio.

I need to get some answers first and thought i could get some help here
Would you be able to advise please ?

Thank you very much for you help in advance😊

Please see bellow:

Can we obtain and apply updates?

Is the software updated?

How is it updated or patched - can it download updates from the Vendor (you)?

Is this installed application or cloud service/plug in

Does it access an external website or require any special rules / trusted sites / opened ports

Does it require local admin rights to install?

Does it require any specific underlying software versions (DotNet, Java, Flash, Min Windows version etc.)

Confirm details of data storage:

Is any data entered into the software?

What is the nature of the information entered into the software

Where is it stored? Does it use local folders or cloud storage? Is there appropriate protection for any data stored outside the our network?

Thanks again
Kind regards

You are asking about the free open-source version of RStudio, but there are a lot of technical questions here that suggest you may be better served by one of RStudio's professions products, like RStudio Server Pro.
If that's something you'd be interested in, I'd encourage you to reach out to RStudio's sales team at

For the free version of RStudio, you can find answers to these types of questions in our admin guide at
Note that we don’t have a separate admin guide for the open source version. Sections that do not apply to the free version are marked as such.

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thank you for this. but that .doc refers to the server version and i'm after the RStudio desktop one :slight_smile:

i will try to dig around though.

Thank you

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