Rstudio desktop version 99.9.9

I recently compiled RStudio Desktop for use on Arch Linux. Everything seems to working but when I go to the Help menu > About RStudio, I am told the version is 99.9.9, which I assume is the result of some minor error in the source code that writes the version number. The source code was the e015d01 commit from Aug 20.

I am not too bothered by this, assuming everything else is working, but is there some other way of finding out, e.g. from a command in the R console, what version of RStudio I am using?

p.s. I have been using RStudio on Arch Linux for many years, so it's not as if RStudio doesn't play nice with Arch. It does. I've never noticed this issue before though.

This usually happens when you compile with the flag -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug, which means that you are not compiling any specific release version but the source up to the latest commit at the time of compiling, if you set the flag to Release you will get the latest stable release.


Thanks for the tip. I just checked, and in my case (using build script from Arch User Repository), it did in fact have -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release.

I know of two ways to get the current RStudio IDE version at the console, but I don't know if they'll give you a different answer:

> RStudio.Version()


> rstudioapi::versionInfo()

(they produce the same output, under normal circumstances)

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It appears that version using the RStudio.Version() command is no different to what I get from the Help menu (but I'm glad to learn about the RStudio.Version() command).

> RStudio.Version()$version
[1] '99.9.9'

See for how the RStudio version gets set for package builds.

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