RStudio desktop preview 1.2.830 stops responding to input after loading large session

Hi all,

Just wanted to report an issue in desktop preview version 1.2.830; hope this is the right place. When I load a large session (occupies about 18GB RAM when loaded), rstudio panes stop responding to any input. The menus still work though. Once it's stuck, the memory footprint slowly decreases. Doesn't seem to be swapping out, as I don't see much disk activity. Not sure whats happening.

Confirmed this is still happening with the latest daily, 1.2.867.

Anyone else with this issue?


Win 10 Pro build 17134
Dell precision 5510 with high dpi display (3840x2160), windows set to "fix blurry apps"

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This is indeed the right place -- thanks for taking the time to test!

Do you see the same behavior in RStudio v1.1, or does this issue appear to be unique to RStudio v1.2? What kind of objects are being loaded in your workspace -- e.g. are they large data.frames, or perhaps more complicated S4 objects? (Is there a simple way we could try and reproduce a similar workspace environment so that we might reproduce the issue locally?)

Hey Kevin, thanks for the reply. This isn't an issue in the stable release. (I've moved to preview as the slow input/scrolling issue is making the stable release close to unusable; the chromium update seems to fix this). Lots of objects being loaded; data.frames, lme4 models, INLA models, etc. Not sure how to reproduce; I'd send you my workspace, but it's over 8GB and i'm on a metered connection at the moment. I have a workspace on a linux cluster I could send you somehow, but not sure how to do that on a command line. Do you have an ftp server or something I could upload to?

ok, update. The issue seems to have nothing to do with loading a large session. RStudio preview is locking up on me after a few minutes of use regardless of what i do. Current testing seems to indicate that it may have to do with using Solarized Dark (strange...). I'll use for a while without it and will report back.

update: nope, took a while longer, but it hung on me again without any theme applied and after deleting the rstudio-desktop and .rproj_user folders.

update2: confirmed that the hang keeps happening no matter what i do. a little bit of usage accelerates the hang; without usage, i haven't seen it hang yet. When it hangs, the upper menu is working, but nothing in the panes will take input. The cursor turns into hands, etc, when moving over objects in the environment pane. But clicking on those objects doesn't do anything. The rstudio window doesn't redraw when resizing (e.g. i size it down then up again, and the occluded areas are just blank). Logs are empty, diagnostics -> reload UI doesn't do anything. My guess is that the chromium system is hanging on my machine for some reason. Not sure how to debug from here...

update: i installed an updated Intel graphics driver, and the issue seems to be solved. Will report back if not.

One further issue I've discovered is that saving global settings sometimes takes a while after clicking "OK".

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Very interesting to hear this -- we've had a lot of reports of instability (although primarily with strange rendering artifacts) when using integrated Intel graphics cards. We'd prefer to not force graphics card updates on all our users so we'll keep investigating and see if there's anything we can do to mediate these kinds of issues!

(For what it's worth, we've also seen RStudio freeze in some other environments; e.g. when running Windows within a virtual machine with hardware acceleration enabled)