RStudio Desktop on Windows 2008R2?

Hi, is it possible to run RStudio Desktop(!) at Windows server 2008R2?

Well, the technical answer is "Yes", since you can in fact install RStudio Desktop on pretty much any computer. However, I imagine your answer is more along the lines whether you'll be able to access RStudio on this machine remotely and answer to this is most likely "No".
But what is the issue with running RStudio Server?

Dear Misha,

thank you very much for your quick response.

Your answer “*** … and answer to this is most likely "No".***” means there is no way to use R studio desktop by RDP?

The background is that we cannot install a web server on this Windows server due to basic security regulations. However, this is a prerequisite for the R studio server.



I don't think you can install RStudio Server on Windows, so this would not be an option anyway.

You can install RStudio Desktop on Windows Server:

There are a few other such questions on the (old) support site.