RStudio Desktop - No Terminal

I am currently teaching two sections of a Programming in R course and I have had a few students mention that they can not get the terminal to run inside Rstudio Desktop. While it is not a common problem, the fact that it has happened to multiple students makes me wonder if there is an underlying issue that may be known.

The one common pattern is the students are on Windows machines. I believe both are using the latest version of RStudio Desktop and are on 3.6 or later.

Any ideas or suggestions?

It's possible the terminal window has been closed.

A new one may be opened via ALT+SHIFT+T.

Thanks, but I had them attempt to create new terminals, and even went as far as Tools > Global Options > Terminal and select different options under New terminals open with.

Simply, there isn't a terminal and they are not able to create a new one.

What might you need from us to debug this?

You could share the output of Tools -> Terminal -> Terminal Diagnostics... -- there might be something useful printed as output there.

Other than that, you could confirm:

  1. How are the Terminal preferences set up in Tools -> Global Options... -> Terminal? Is Git Bash, being used, or a different terminal (e.g. Command Prompt)? Does changing that around help?

  2. Does disabling WebSockets make a difference?

  3. Does disabling antiviruses / firewalls make a difference?

I will let you know how it goes, I have mentioned this to my class and have asked them to follow up with additional notes.

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