RStudio desktop - Files and Packages tabs won't load or take a long time to load

I'm having some trouble with the file browser and package browser in RStudio; They often seem to infinitely load, rarely or slowly completing a load. The number of subdirectories seems to be a major influence of duration, but it's difficult to confirm as starting R will result in at least a 10 minute wait, if it ever finishes loading. They work fine for colleagues, or on a different computer. Reinstalling R Studio didn't help. Trying to change the default working directory didn't seem to make a difference either.

Normally work from H drive (corporate share drive), attempted to change to C: but it didn't stick or I changed it in the wrong place. Tools > Options > Default Working Directory. Also attempted to change it using Session > Changing working directory.

Running on Windows 10, 20H2. RStudio 1.4.1717 (updated from earlier version, but same issue)

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