Rstudio desktop console wired to R session running in Docker

A similar question was asked and discussed 6 years ago on this subject, but the post is locked for replies, and I'm wondering if there's any way of doing this.

I'm developing an R package along with some shell scripts to drive some non-R tools and putting it all inside a Docker image. I'm doing my development in RStudio Desktop. Occasionally I'd like to jump inside the running container (docker run -it myimage bash) then start an interactive R session to debug some things inside the container. I currently do this all through the terminal window in RStudio.

I'm wondering if there's some way to connect RStudio Desktop to an R session running inside of a Docker container. I don't want to step outside of RStudio Desktop to run RStudio Server in a browser on localhost, in part because I don't want to install RStudio Server on these images. The post referenced above suggested the rmote package but it hasn't been updated in over 8 years, and doesn't exactly solve my problem.