Rstudio Desktop 32-BITS version still essential! (pls read!)




Could the Rstudio Team consider
that there are tens of 1000s of people
(researchers, scientists, students, teachers, etc)
in developing countries,
who use Rstudio Desktop free under Linux,
but are limited to using only 32Bits (functional) PCs?.

Many of these PCs are donated
or very expensive to buy in these countries...

Please, please Rstudio Team,
reconsider keeping the 32bit version!

In summary:
Don't drop 32-Bit Rstudio users...
many are contributors of great R packages, too!.
And the 32-Bit version is the ONLY alternative
they have...


I see you've posted the same message in this thread:

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Hi Mara,

Thanks for your advice.
I thought I was doing the right thing. Sorry.

To correct it,
I already deleted my previous entry
in the older thread.

I only have my new post/topic now.
(so, it's posted in one place).

Hope to get some replies/opinions, etc.
(I think it's very important
for the Rstudio Community...).

(also your follower in Twitter, of course!)

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