Rstudio daily build cannot open projects anymore

I wanted to try out the cool new R<-->D3 feature as announced here so i got todays daily build but ran into problems - cannot open old projects anymore (cannot connect to rstudio crashes).
I know that the daily builds are unstable and should be used with caution - I just wanted to report this somewhere.
Switching back to the preview version and everything is back to normal.
I'm on ubuntu 17.10

same problem with being unable to open rstudio error message is error of unable to connect on windows 10 (64) build 1803 latest update. Awaiting kind responses from someone here!

Does the preview release work for you?

@jonathan. installed preview > unzip > bin > rstudio.exe > cannot connect to Is it something to do with w10 1803 update recently?

@genghiskhan Yes, we think it's related. Here's the Github issue:

@jonathan, tested the latest zip 1.2.665 >> unzip >> bin >> rstudio.exe >> open and run smoothly. What a Friday present from rstudio! Rstudio is the star!