RStudio Cursor Frozen


I've just installed the latest version of RStudio 2022.02.1 Build 461 on my MacBook Pro (10.15.7) with R version (4.1.3).

The cursor is frozen in RStudio Editor and Console windows. I can't move it around.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.


I do not think Rstudio ( can freeze your mouse cursor, instead, it can be stacked if you are doing heavy-duty coding. Probably you might have pressed a button key on your keyboard that freezes the mouse cursor.


  1. Try to reboot your pc. If that works, then you are fine to go. If it does not go to number 2
  2. If you are working on your laptop, try to use an external mouse, if that works, then you are fine to go.

If these does not work, then go to take pizaa and coffee and sleep well.


#1 did the trick.

Thank you.


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