RStudio curiously slow on OS Monterey when knitting xaringan-slides

Hi, I recently updated to Mac OS Monterey and since then I observe that RStudio is slow when knitting xaringan-slides to .html:

  • Knitting works fine, the preview window also opens as expected, but then it takes ~20-50seconds until the preview is shown and the windows is also largely non-responsive to select 'open in browser'.
  • xaringan::inf_mr() also becomes unresponsive after multiple corrections/savings with interruptions. servr::daemon_stop() and RStudio restart do not help, only closing and re-opening the project helps (for a short time)

observed on:

  • RStudio Desktop Version 2021.09.2 Build 382 & RStudio Desktop Version 2022.02.0+442
  • Mac OS X Monterey 12.2.1 (from 2019, no M1)
  • R 4.1.2

On my old machine with RStudio Desktop Version 2021.09.2 Build 382 & Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7 & R4.1.2. the process
takes the expected lesser time (~5seconds) to show the preview after knitting.
I suspect this is not an issue with RStudio but with Monterey (thus asking here and not on gh).

Does anyone have an idea if there is a fix for this? A classic reprex is difficult but I could upload a screenview if needed?

test-repo used: GitHub - cathblatter/xaringan-test

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