RStudio Crashing When Opening File Dialog

I am running RStudio version 1.1.442 in a Windows Server 2008r2 Citrix environment along with several network shares which have been mapped to drives. Fairly reliably, RStudio crashes anytime the file dialog is opened. This includes open a file, save a file, and install a package from file. I have tried to look at the diagnostics but the diagnostics do not seem to indicate a lot of information during the crash (i.e. I see no related or new entries in the diagnostics). I was able to scan in a print out of the top of the diagnostics.

RStudio_Diagnostics.pdf (343.5 KB)

(Sorry for the upside down pages....)

I am at a loss right now for what to do. I have lost hours of effort so far when writing code and then trying to save it results in a crash.

Sorry to hear you're having trouble! Do you have any better luck with the preview release of RStudio?


I would like to try the pre-release, it will take some time. I am planning on putting 1.2 on the servers once the stable version drops. Do you know what the timeline is? I imagine it will be fairly soon as you are pushing blog posts on it now and you are in preview versions.

I will talk with my admins and see what we can do.

We're hoping to publish a stable release early next year.

Ok, I have put in the request for the latest preview release to be installed. I have been told that the install will occur in late Jan 2019. So will have to wait till then for follow-up.