Rstudio crashing over and over

I tried to read csv file of 1.2 GB but It took a long time and before loading the Rsdudio crashes all the time. I was wondering if there is a solution for that.

Do you have more than 1.2GB of RAM memory available in your system? if the answer is no, then that is the reason for the crash and you should look for on-disk solutions like for example loading your data into a database.

Thanks Andresrcs, how I can load data into a database in Rstudio cloud.
Today is my first day that using the R cloud and I am not familiar to do that.

Sorry but you can't do it on RStudio Cloud itself you would have to use a third party database service. If you need to work with large datsets RStudio Cloud is not currently a good option because of its 1GB RAM limit, it would be better for you to use a local Rstudio installation or a cloud computing service like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Computing, Digital Ocean, etc.

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