RStudio crashes when updating packages

I just signed up for the R Studio Community, and I want to report that rstudio (latest version, Ubuntu 18.04) crashes when updating packages, but I cannot find out where to start to write a post!! Bad design or me tired?

Thanks, goran

Hi @goran! Welcome!

You did actually make a public post, though I’m sorry that it wasn’t easy. If you were expecting this message to be private, please let me know and I can fix that! For the record, you start a new post by clicking on the New Topic button near the upper right of pages showing a list of topics.

RStudio community is not precisely for bug reporting but for asking something like "Does anyone else is having this issue and knows how to fix it?". If you are sure that your issue is not with your specific system configuration but with a software bug instead, then you could file an issue on the RStudio github repository, just make sure to follow this guide

If you’re new to diagnosing issues as a bug, an issue on your end, or a feature request, the RStudio Community is a great place to start with. So, welcome and thanks for taking the time to help out!

Sometimes it turns out the what at first seems like an RStudio bug is actually an issue with a package or R itself. This is a good place for us discuss to discuss the problem and try to figure out which it is. And, since we've already started the conversation, we can continue it here!

So, to start off, what happens when you try to update the packages in RStudio? And which versions of R and RStudio are you using? Also, have you had a chance to check out the troubleshooting guide for the IDE crashing?

That said—to directly answer your question, here’s how to report bugs:
As Andres notes, that’ll take you to our GitHub issues page, which is for issues specific to the RStudio IDE—both bugs and enhancement requests. If the problem you’ve encountered turns out to be due to a bug with RStudio, we can continue the conversation there.

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