RStudio crashes when importing scripts using source

Suddenly RStudio started crashing when I try using source to load a script from disk. In the logs I get this error (which is pretty shaddy on its own). The script doesnt really seem to matter as it crashes for any script I try to load. I tried making a new R session and reinstalling R.

07 Apr 2019 17:20:58 [rdesktop] ERROR system error 232 (The pipe is being closed); OCCURRED AT: void rstudio::core::http::AsyncClient<SocketService>::handleWrite(const rstudio_boost::system::error_code&) [with SocketService = rstudio_boost::asio::windows::basic_stream_handle<>] C:/Users/Administrator/rstudio/src/cpp/core/include/core/http/AsyncClient.hpp:342; LOGGED FROM: void rstudio::desktop::NetworkReply::onError(const rstudio::core::Error&) C:\Users\Administrator\rstudio\src\cpp\desktop\DesktopNetworkReply.cpp:288

Do you see the same issue if you try using R without RStudio (e.g. in RGui)?

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