RStudio crashes after accessing terminal tab

Hello all,

for a few months now, I have a strange problem with my RStudio IDE. It crashes without a crash report every time I open it and switch to the terminal tab via clicking on it (it basically just closes the whole window abruptly). I had hoped it would go away after a few updates, but it did persist and it has become very annoying.

It works, however, by starting a new terminal using Alt + Shift + R. But after some time working on a project, you will have tons of terminals open. The problem also persists independent of working in a project or without a project.

Information on my system
I work on Windows 11 Pro (on an 64 bit system) and I am running the latest version of RStudio (2021.09.0 Build 351), my R version is 4.2.2 (2022-10-31 ucrt). However, the problem has been persisting on previous versions of R and RStudio as well. In case this is related, I am running GIT version

If you need any more information on my system or my software versions, please let me know.

Any tips and help is pretty much appreciated!

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