Rstudio crash when using lapply and bind_rows

Hi, I'm trying to merge several csv files into one, my code was working a few days ago but now whenever I try to use it, Rstudio crashes when I call for lapply. Do you have any idea of why this might be ?
In my folder I only have .csv files (around 150).

I'm using R version 4.2.1 on Windows 10 and RStudio 2022.07.2 Build 576.
Here it is :


setwd("my path")

data <- list.files(pattern = "*.csv", full.names = TRUE) %>% 
  lapply(read_csv) %>%                                           

You could be running out of RAM, monitor your RAM allocation while running your code to see if that is the case.

Incidentally, you could use purrr::map_dfr() instead of the two steps of lapply() and bind_rows().

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