RStudio Crash when high graphical load.


Time ago, I reported a problem when resizing the "Plot" tab while executing a script. That resizing created an abrupt "R Session Aborted" message. That issue was corrected, but I continue seeing it in similar circunstances when there is a graphical overhead.

Finally I could find a reproducible example with this sequence:

  1. Install package "geofacet".
  2. Within "facet_geo()" function, there is a extense set of examples of the capabilities of this pacakge/function.
  3. Copy&Paste all the examples in the Console and run it.
  4. While running it, try to resize the "Plot" tab. I have experienced a session abort, just after start resizing and in some other cases while trying to resize several times.

Attached is a screenshot of this issue when executing that set of functions:

And regarding my system specs: I use a Mac OSX Monterey (version 12.0.1) in a MacBook Pro 13" (2020).
And regarding my R version and Session info:
Captura de pantalla 2022-01-05 a las 11.10.29

Carlos Ortega

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