RStudio console running extremely slow e.g. when typing in object from global environment

When typing objects into console window from the global environment for previewing, RStudio takes minutes to print to the console window or freezes. There is also a problem when running multi-line code. Only the first line prints to the console and the action doesn't seem to be running at all.

I went on vacation for a week and when I returned this was happening. I am using RStudio on my personal computer. I have uninstalled R and RStudio and re-installed (updated). There potentially could have been an issue with data.table, but I can load my data and attempt the action without loading any libraries and the problem still occurs. I also turned off the firewall and restarted Rstudio, but that didn't work either.

Here are the diagnostics and log that I retrieved (based on a closely related post's issue RStudio running abnormally slow for every action, including cleaning console and saving file.):

2023-03-31T23:02:01.274Z ERROR Failed to load Error: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED (-102) loading ''
2023-03-31T23:02:01.513Z ERROR ERR_FAILED (-2) loading 'file:///Applications/'

Not sure if this matters, but I checked the package contents and I don't see app-x64.

Current system(but problem was there before updates):
R 4.2.3 GUI 1.79 High Sierra build
RStudio: 2023.03.0+386
macOS Ventura 13.3

Make sure there’s no competing older versions. If no, try down-versioning to the “Elspeth” version, which is working for me on your setup under R4.2.2 on an M1.

Down-versioning worked! Thank you so much!

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