Rstudio console no longer pastes in HTML format

I am on Mac OS Catalina. I downloaded the most recent version of java, and noticed that before the install, copy/pasting into word worked perfectly...all of the formatting (color coding, font etc) was perfect, as usual. However, after installing the new Java, as I went to copy/paste more from the console, it lost all formatting. I had never even closed Rstudio when the change occurred. It just went from pasting with HTML formatting, to pasting as "unformatted text" as my only option. I tried uninstalling Java, and R and Rstudio, and re-installing. I also used Java problem on Mac Mojave Solved which helped make some packages work, but still the HTML format paste option is totally gone from paste special. It's just ugly plain black and white text with default font.

How can I copy from the console to Word with HTML formatting again?

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