RStudio Connect vs. Shiny Server Pro User Limits

My organisation is currently deciding on whether to go for a Connect or Shiny Server Pro licence, primarily for the built-in authentication options on offer; but we'd like to clarify whether our use case will be achievable or not first.

The criteria we are trying to satisfy is as follows:

  • We have a small number of R users (<10) that will be developing shiny apps and Rmarkdown reports that we want to publish on either a Connect Server or Shiny Server Pro (only shiny apps in the case of the latter)
  • We’re aware there will be a limit of 20 concurrent users on the server at any one time with the base options which is OK as we don't expect concurrent traffic to exceed this very often, but we would like the apps and reports to then be accessible to anyone on our LDAP/Active Directory server (potentially 1000s of users) with some restrictions (see below)
  • We would like to be able to limit the access of some user groups to certain apps/reports or content within apps
  • We would also like to make some apps/reports available to third-party individuals or organisations via their own login

Will it be possible to achieve the above with either Connect or Server Pro setup?

Many thanks!

@greg. RStudio Connect and Shiny Server Pro will serve all these needs. Which one you chose will depend on other features such as push button publishing. You can read about the differences between RStudio Connect and Shiny Server Pro here. You can also download a free eval of both products and try them out. If you want an easy way to experience RStudio Connect, you can also download the RStudio Team QuickStart VM. Finally, if you ever want to talk to RStudio about pro products please don't hesitate to contact We can demo the products for you and help you find the right solution to your problem.

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