RStudio Connect unable to add members to groups

We have recently deployed RStudio Connect and are having an issue with group membership.

I can create groups but i cannot add any members to the groups.

Our users authenticate via Azure SAML/SSO so the accounts are created automatically on first logon. however we do not want groups created from AD we want to be able to create the groups within RConnect and then assign members manually.


A good place to start researching this topic is the "Group Management" topic in the Connect admin guide, available at Group Management - RStudio Connect: Admin Guide

In particular, read the section on "Remote group management".

See also the section on managing groups with Azure Active Directory at Using OpenID - RStudio Connect: Admin Guide

thanks - we have looked at that but we do not want to manage the groups from Azure AD (saml).

We want our users to be able to add their own groups and assign members from within RStudio .

I'm having the same problem - I am a gui admin (not the IT admin) and I can create a group, but there is no way to add members to it. Is there no way for me to modify the group I created? We use Okta SSO.

I have also read the admin guide, and none of the situations seem to match, as there IS a groups tab, and I AM shown as the owner.

edit: doh, I always forget that the admin guide built into the server is not always the current one


add this line to the [SAML] section

IdPAttributeProfileGroups = false

restart RStudio Connect

this will then let you manage the groups from within RConnect.