RStudio Connect - Test Email Sends, but User Invites Do Not

Hey there. I was able to stand RStudio Connect up on Ubuntu 18.04 on EC2, and successfully Published the histogram app (the default... File>New>ShinyApp) to the server. Huzzah!

I tried to invite some coworkers to the Connect server by creating users, but it said I need to setup email. I get it... there is no ActionMailer equivalent for this framework yet.

So from the Connect web UI setting page, I was able to setup SMTP for MailGun and send a test email successfully (I did this after successfully sending a test email by configuring Sendmail from command line).

However, neither method allowed me to successfully send User Invites. I just get the message: “Error: Unable to send email. Please contact your RStudio Connect administrator.”

UPDATE: This is a fresh install of R and Connect as of this afternoon. I am a new user (aka the feature never "used to work"). I tried restarting the EC2 machine, restarting the connect service, logging out/in of the web portal, and the good ol' fashion just wait an hour or two for something different to happen.

[RStudio Connect] Test Email
RStudio Connect <>	
Tue, Apr 23, 2019 at 4:51 PM

This is a test of RStudio Connect's email sending configuration.

Thanks for the note! This is something you definitely can share with our professional support team at , since it involves our enterprise software!

In the meantime, do you have any logging from MailGun on requests it receives on your behalf and the response?

I'm wondering whether the way that emails are being sent via the test interface and the way that emails are sent through the actual interface are different (specifically, in their "From" / "To" addresses). Would you mind sharing the email configuration portion of your rstudio-connect.gcfg configuration file?

Also, if you can display the "From" / "Sender" addresses in the successful email, I think that would be helpful too.

Hiya! Figured it out.

It was a problem with the email service. While in SMTP sandbox mode, it is common practice to make RECIPIENTS whitelisted with the SMTP service. As opposed to just whitelisting the SENDER.

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Really good to know! Thanks for following up, and glad to hear you got it working! Let us know if you have any more questions!

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