RStudio Connect - secret key mismatch

I've spun up an RStudio Connect server and connected it to a PostgreSQL database.

At present, each time I restart the rstudio-connect service I see the following error:

Unable to initialize the database: Secret key mismatch between database and file

This is easily resolved each time by running:

/opt/rstudio-connect/bin/rscadmin configure --reset-secret-key

The documentation states:

--reset-secret-key: Reset the secret key signature in the database allowing the use of a new encryption key file created on disk.

I am curious if anyone has experienced this in the past? Is this expected behaviour when running RStudio Connect with PostgreSQL or should I be worried?

Woops!! So sorry for missing this report! Thanks so much for mentioning it!

Please feel free to pass this on to our Professional Support Team at so we can get you resolved through the proper channels.

This is definitely a problem for your installation. RStudio Connect has a "secret key" that it uses for encrypted communication. One half of this key is "on disk" in your installation, and the other half is within your database.

For this to be a persistent issue for you suggests that something is awry on your system or inside of the PostgreSQL database. We would love to dig in a bit and understand why this is happening on your server! Do you have multiple RStudio Connect servers? This is definitely indicative of some underlying issue on your server that should definitely be resolved for optimal stability!

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