RStudio Connect - schedule multiple parameterized reports


I am in need of generating scheduled reports in RStudio Connect. These come from a parametrized markdown. The parameter is the customer, so each customer gets a different report with their data, and each report get emailed to different people.

So basically, I need to schedule reports for all customers to run at once (or close to each other), and email the results to different people. I could do this by saving a report for each customer, but that would be unfeasible when the number of customers grows. I could put this on a cron job, but i would like to stick to the connect interface. Does anyone have experience doing this?

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Unfortunately this use case is not well supported in RStudio Connect, today the only way to manage and configure different versions of reports is through the Connect interface. We definitely want to support this type of workflow in the future, and hope to make it possible to programmatically specify multiple versions of a report. I'll add your vote to this request!

One workaround that we've seen:
A scheduled summary report is emailed out to everyone. The content of the email can be highly customized, including inline plots and tables, and then critically a link back to a shiny application (not the summary report) that contains detailed user data based on the session$user attribute.

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