RStudio Connect SAML integration

Hi Team,

I am trying to integrate Azure AD SAML with RStudio connect. But when I am trying to connect its failing with error login failed and in the RConnect log can see below message. Is it possible to check only certain attributes from assertion and not all.

2021/11/30 12:42:38 /connect/src/connect/auth/providers/saml/saml.go:407: (saml) Handling authentication response
2021/11/30 12:42:38 /connect/src/connect/auth/providers/saml/saml.go:408: (saml) Using state:
2021/11/30 12:42:38 /connect/src/connect/auth/providers/saml/saml.go:627: (saml) Attribute '' not found, attributes provided were NameID,,,,,,,
2021/11/30 12:42:38 SAML handling error trying to find attribute Error SAML attribute not in assertion:

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