RStudio Connect SAML - get a substring of groups attribute


I have configured RStudio Connect with SAML authentication.
I get the attribute "Groups" from SAML assertion, and user, after the login in organization IDP, is correctly profiled in RStudio in his groups.

The Identity Provider gets groups from Active Directory, in the format:

In RStudio the group is created with the name 'CN=GROUP_1,OU=Bank_1,DC=GEN,DC=it' .

Is there a way to get only a substring of the returned string, i.e. the "CN" property, in order to save the group as "GROUP_1"?

Thank you for the support.
Best regards

Update: the best way I have investigated is to operate at IDP level, configuring a new claim.
I did not find any way to make a filter in RStudio (and maybe it would not be the best choice).

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