[RStudio Connect] Request for viewing access


I've prepared some teaching material for a course as bookdown document.

The course notes are published at https://bookdown.org/idlewyld_analytics/data-science-training/.

All of this is done from RStudio IDE, using bookdown::render_book("index.Rmd") and bookdown::publish_book(). I can access the material online.

Currently, I've set up access to be restricted to "Specific users or groups". I've shared the link with the students; once they click on it, they are asked to create an account (they use a gmail account), and to request access to the document.

This process has been succesful with 9 students so far, but I know for a fact that there are at least 2 more which have requested access but I have not received the email asking me to manage the access to the document (to make them a viewer).

At first, I suspected that this could be related to Google wanting to first verify their identity and somehow that message getting lost in spam or being ignored by the student, but I went over the account creation process with these two students and that doesn't seem to be the case. I've checked my Spam folder and there is nothing there (besides, it worked for the first 9 students).

Is there any way for me to see who has requested access to the document from the bookdown site? Is there some other tool I should be using instead?

Any suggestion would be welcome.

Welcome to RStudio Community @pboily ! And apologies for the delay getting back to you here.

This is definitely a rough edge. We need to figure out a way to make the list of requesters more accessible to users such as yourself! Unfortunately we do not have such a mechanism exposed today :frowning_face:

However, I have passed along this feedback for the engineers to consider as they are improving the product! I'm hopeful that we will be able to find a way to improve this in the future! In the short term, I suspect the workaround will be "let me know if you haven't received access in X timeframe."

I'm glad to hear that this feature has been useful! Unfortunate that bugs + lack of observability have made it less useful :see_no_evil: