RStudio Connect question


I've developed a shiny app which I'd like to deploy for internal use within my organisation via RStudio Connect. The application takes user inputs and then sends this to a database, the application then also calls another software to use this data. This all works fine on my local machine, where I have read and write access to the database and I have the other software installed on my machine.

How would I go about creating the same environment using RStudio connect? To be clear, what I am hoping to achieve is users within my organisation being able to use my application (via link provided by RStudio connect) to enter data to a database, then call the other software.

Is this possible?


Hi @Elderfield.A - great to hear you're starting to use Connect! While I know we have customers doing this today, I don't have the exact technical answer for you. If you have an account manager today, you can reach out to them to schedule a call with one of our solution engineers.

If not, you can schedule a call here too!


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