RStudio Connect public to anyone on the internet

As the titles says, could I expose my ec2 / RStudio connect instance to anyone on the internet? I understand the this product is made for enterprises and this might muddy RStudio's pricing model.

I imagine this is obviously doable, it even looks like users could create their own accounts using the built in password authentication. Is it possible to access even without the built in password? If so would the same user limit apply?

Example for my use case say I purchase the RStudio connect base license which allows 20 named users. I have 5 users within my organization. These 5 users will create Shiny apps, Rmarkdown, and Jupyter documents that end users would use. The end users however would be anyone over the internet, for now all they can do is view content and interact with shiny apps produced by the 5 users within the organization.

Ideally down the line even allowing anyone on the internet to select inputs to parametrized reports and schedule them for themselves, ignoring security or overutilization of resources for now. Is this doable, would I have to do something like log in outside users into one of the 15 available unused accounts?

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It is possible to mark content as accessible to "Anyone - no login required", c.f. Such content would then be visible by "anonymous" users that have not authenticated. Note that these users count toward your user limit at any given time.

Note that in order to schedule a parameterized report, you have to be able to save it first. This requires a named user on the server.

BTW, in general it is not advisable to self registration turned on when the server is open to the internet. You might end up with a lot of spam accounts.

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So if unauthenticated user 21 tried to connect I assume they'd see a message similar to shiny server
"additional users will see an error message stating that the license quota has been reached" ?

Yes, that is the case!

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