RStudio-Connect on Google Cloud Platform VM instance

Hi, I installed RStudio Connect on a google cloud VM instance centos server.
With configuration
SenderEmail = my email
Address = http://server-ip-address

I navigate to http://server-ip:3939 and got site can't be reached.
I installed http and able to navigate to the IP address, no problem there.

Does anyone have the same problem or able to help me please?

Hi, I'm not clear if you have already opened the 3939 port in the Firewall rules section for VMs:


Yes, I need to open that port. Thanks!

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I'm experience the same problem, I can't connect to RStudio Connect on my google cloud instance. It times out. I have opened the 3939 port in the firewall. What else might I be missing?

Sorry, just figured it out. I applied the firewall rule to "all targets". So, the rule wasn't being applied to my specific instance. Everything is working fine now.