RStudio Connect migration across authentication providers


I have one RStudio Connect Server that I need to migrate on a new environment.
Part of the migration concern a change in the authentification system - I currently use a product called centrify to be able to connect via PAM, but I need to switch to another product called FreeIpa to handle connexion between windows AD and linux users. Issue is that the username may change in format. How does it work with the database ? Can I migrate contents and change the users associated to each ?

I found the server migration procedure. however, I am not sure it will work when I'll change the authentification system.

Is anyone encounter this kind of specific use case ?

Il will also post this question on


Unfortunately, RStudio Connect does not support shifting users from one form of authentication to another. We have had discussions about how this would work, but there's nothing automatic today.

You're right to post this one as a support request.


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OK it is what I assumed. I will see with the support, and see what I can do to keep the same username for the migration because I keep PAM mode for auth but change the "provider". I may be able to tune it.

Otherwise, I am thinking of some functions to export bundles and republish them using rsconnect API. Not sure it will work but worth a try.


Just found this thread and wanted to update that it is possible to migrate users across authentication providers today. Doing so requires using the usermanager CLI.

Overview article:

CLI documentation:

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