RStudio Connect Messages (loginError in particular)

We are running RStudio Connect (at the moment, Version 1.7.8-7 because that is what is in the Cloud Formation template) and I would like to change the language of the error messages.

Is this configurable? I'm not finding it to be part of rstudio-connect.gcfg

In particular, I want to change the language when a user fails to log in, since we have user self-registration disabled, to include appropriate contact information for the RStudio Admins.

https://[[your domain name here]]/connect/#/welcome?msg=loginError

Has anyone successfully configured this?

Ahh that's a really interesting use case! Sorry for the delayed response here @clalande!

Do you mind if I ask what type of authentication you are using?

It does not do what you are looking for, but a few areas you might want to explore:

I will definitely share this use case with our product team, though!

We are using SAML single sign on (

This means that our "login" link will redirect to the University login page and then back to RStudio, so the authentication notice isn't really displayed. I did end up using the PublicWarning as you suggested, though that is a bit of a bummer, since it means we can't use it for a true warning like an upcoming downtime.

I had not noticed the Sever.LandingDir configuration option - that is certainly a possibility as well.

I would actually suggest highlighting that more significantly, perhaps as a section under "Authentication" in your admin guide, similar to what is done for R Server here:

Thank you for the suggestions!

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That is really helpful background, thanks @clalande! As an administrator, I can definitely relate to the challenge of trying to get information into users' hands. For notifying about things like downtime (which will affect "logged in users", Server.LoggedInWarning may be useful

You may be aware already, but I mention because you are totally right - these options are somewhat buried :see_no_evil: Please let us know how your explorations here go!! We very much value the feedback and will share with the team responsible for continuing to improve Connect!