RStudio Connect Members Dropping From Group


I have created a group for my team in RStudio Connect to allow them to view experimental applications. This generally works fine except one member has repeatedly and inexplicably been dropped from the group multiple times over the last couple of days. I set up the group a few weeks ago then found yesterday that he wasn't a member, readded him, then a few hours later he was no longer a member, then this has repeated a couple of times since.

He is an administrator so I think he would even be able to add himself to the group, but I just wondered, is there a known issue? How can I stop members of groups being dropped?

Can I ask what authentication mechanism your server is using? We have seen this happen commonly when using SAML or OIDC, where group membership is reconciled at user login. There are some configuration options that let you configure this behavior a bit, but I suspect that may be the problem!

You also might look in your server logs for the time period in question (/var/log/rstudio-connect.log). Then if you either want to sanitize / share those here or send to, we would be happy to help you figure out what is going on!

Hello, I have to ask which authentication mechanism is being used. Is there a guide to the configuration options necessary to get the mechanisms working?

You can probably discern which authentication mechanism is being used by noting "how" you login. Do you get a Connect specific login page that says "LDAP credentials" or "PAM credentials?" Do you log in through an enterprise-wide SSO? Do you get prompted for credentials at all?

In any case, this behavior is consistent with SSO / SAML and group membership being provisioned "automatically." That is my leading theory, at least :smile: If that is the case, then this is the section in the guide that might be helpful.