RStudio Connect - Issue - Scheduler not following set time to run

I have an ETL report scheduled to run every 30 minutes (takes ~4-5 minutes to run). It works great for a while but after a certain time period, it starts running like 4-5 jobs at once and repeats this every like 4 minutes. This is causing all of our Connect's resources to be used up and no one else's reports are able to be run.

Why would connect not stay on it's schedule and run only 1 time per 30 minutes?

Using RStudio Connect v1.6.10-3


Oh no! That's a strange one! Apologies for the delayed response here - this sounds like one that might be better suited for . If you can forward these details (and include a link to this post), that would be really helpful to getting things routed so we can take a look at what is going on here!

It is worth noting that your version of RStudio Connect is pretty old - we would definitely recommend updating at your earliest convenience to take advantage of many bug fixes, security patches, and new functionality!

I have a similar issue that's being dealt with by support - scheduled tasks aren't running at the correct times or are running late. Initial troubleshooting shows that setting the server timezone fixes it - but that breaks practically everything else on the server including users not being able to login or publish. Fingers crossed a patch will come out soon as this timezone issue is only recent - it works fine in our older install v1.7.0-11