RStudio Connect in docker


Is it possible to trial RStudio Connect in a docker instance? I've created a container version of RStudio Connect and when I start up my container the License status is being reported as expired.

This is the page returned as soon as you start it up.

An error has occurred

Trial Error

We were unable to start a trial on this machine. Please visit in order to start your trial.

Do you support docker?



I think the best to try out RStudio product is the RStudio Quickstart VM

You could try it out.

About the trial licence, I think you need to activate it manually if it does not work as is. I could fail if you do not have internet access or it could fail in VM, hence in docker. Did you try to get the trial licence manually using the app linked in the message ?
You should get a code to use to activate the licence manually in the product.

Docker is supported, but only when using a floating license, which the trial license is not.

Just to be completely transparent here - the trial license has a hard time activating in docker due to the way that docker virtualization clashes with the license manager's attempt to uniquely identify a server.

If you would like to try running RStudio Connect in a docker container, and the advice above doesn't get you functional, I would recommend contacting our Customer Success team at . They can get you a trial license that will work better inside of docker (either floating or not). We have some patterns that you can follow here:

TL;DR; Connect works fine inside of docker. However, the trial does sometimes have some trouble activating inside of docker. You are still completely eligible for the 45 day free trial, though! It just needs some input from our team to get it working, unfortunately :slight_smile: Hope that helps!