RStudio Connect Health Check

We use PRTG to monitor RStudio Server Pro using the health-checks feature and this works really well. It would be nice if RStudio Connect had a similar feature. From the documentation, RSC only seems to have the ping health-check which has a 200 response with an empty json.

Hey @hansen_m ! What information / metrics are you looking for, and what types of monitoring are you looking for? (I have to admit, I am not sure what PRTG is)

This is a pattern that I use to gather more detailed information about RStudio Connect, which might be helpful for you! (albeit a bit complex)

Thanks @cole for the docs. I think I looked into this before but didn't have the time to get it setup. Really we're just looking for basic metrics similar to what is available in the RSC dashboard. The RStudio Server health-check template method is just super easy to configure and PRTG has a html/xml parsing "sensor" ( that reads the information from the health-check page to build historic charts and sends alerts.